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Bill Pay

Do you already have a bill pay account? If so, click the botton below. If not, review this page for instructions for account setup.

Go to the Bill Pay Portal

To setup your bill pay account for the first time, follow the instructions below.

The website for set up is: https://onlinepay.allianceassociationbank.com/home.aspx?cmc=d9798e4b-403f-4329-a5d4-de3416e54b0a.aspx.

The next screen will appear and click on Create account (Lower left).

Then go to part 1 as described below:

Part 1

After filling out your account information a screen will appear that states: “There was a problem processing your request. Please try again later.” What this means is that you must get out of that page and into your email to verify your email address. The email does not state this, but after verifying your email you can log in and continue with part 2.

Here’s a sample of the email you will receive:

In order to establish recurring and/or one-time payment(s) for your association, you will need to verify your e-mail address. Please click on the link below to verify your e-mail address. If you encounter an issue with the link, copy the link and paste it to the browser address bar to verify your email address. https://onlinepay.allianceassociationbank.com/VerificationPage.aspx?id=b22ecd71-4753-4b0a-b00e-e2b94512dce5&cmc=&VerificationID=99802508-43a9-4926-96d3-946dd14c2487.

This email verification request will expire in 24 hours. If this request is not completed within 24 hours, you will need to log in to the payment website and select “Click Here to generate a new verification e-mail”. If you experience a problem with this link, please contact your association and/or management company for further assistance.

Alliance Association Bank

Part 2 after e-mail verification

Here is what is needed to finish Part 2 once your e-mail is approved from Part 1.

Nickname: (required – even if no nickname, use your name)
Management Company ID: (required) This is contained within your coupon booklet that was mailed to you.
Association ID: (required) This is contained within your coupon booklet that was mailed to you.
Unit Account Number: (required) ***Keep in mind that each homeowner has their own account number*** This is contained within your coupon booklet that was mailed to you.
Email: (your choice of course)
Frequency: Monthly, If one-time payment is chosen, there will be a charge each and every time on credit card payments. ACH may have a one-time charge.
Amount: $(required)
Payment Start Date: (required)

Payment should be set up no later than the 6th of each month since payments are due by the 10th of each month.

Recurring Payments: By checking the “Agree to Terms and Conditions” checkbox, and you enroll in Alliance Association Bank recurring payments program, and authorize Alliance Association Bank to initiate recurring electronic payments from the bank account you specify.

When you schedule a payment, you must specify the date you want the funds for payment withdrawn from your deposit account. If the scheduled payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, understand that the payment may be executed on the next business day.

Funds will be transferred from your account no later than four (4) business days from the date you designate as the scheduled date. Therefore, you must plan your payment date accordingly to avoid any late charges from your designated payee.

We at Property Technica are trying to make this transition as simple as possible. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call us at 970-352-5035.